My Promise




William Gailey proposed to the govenors of Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, and California explaining Marijuana should be legal and that states have the right to go against the federal legislation in such cases. That it should be taxed similar to alcohol, in the event of excess taxes recieved a divided should be given to the citizens. Setting off a chain reaction leading to the inevitable federal legalization of Marijuana.

 Link: H.R.3617 – 117th Congress (2021-2022)


2009 Affordable Healthcare Act

William Gailey proposed to the Obama administration that universal healthcare was needed as coverage costs go down with more members and at that time were unafforadable to the poor, that a GED should be the HS equilivent to go to college given placement testing, and that one of the struggles with the poor to “get a job” was is not having a phone with which the employer can contact them.

Link: H.R.3590 — 111th Congress (2009-2010)


2015 Cattle Farmer Standoff

William Gailey asked the Trump administration to step in on behalf of the farmers durring a standoff between farmers and federal agents in Washington state in a dispute over grazing rights.

Link: Bundy Standoff


2017 Wounded Veterans Meet The President

William Gailey wrote the Wounded Warrior Project proposing that wounded veterans needed more recognition and that meeting the president(Donald Trump) of the United States was the least we should do.

 Link: Wounded Warrior Project


2020 U.S. Citizenship Act (H.R.1177)

William Gailey wrote the Biden administration proposing further legislation to advance the pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. The trade off being; making life easier for illegals who sought liberty while lowering taxes for the middle class worker.

Link: H.R.1177 — 117th Congress(2021-2022)



Term Limits Bill (emailed to OR District 1 Rep Suzanne Bonamici 06/10/2022)

This is a simple rewrite of H.R. 104-67 which staggers the term limits to prevent insurrection, increases the pay of government officials and Whitehouse staff (some of which are grossly underpaid and must make up the cost of living in other ways), and removes the recently created confederacy (workers union) between state representatives from congress permanently as the constitution of the United States declares it should not exist.

Link: Read the Bill


United Liberty Bill (emailed to TX Senator Ted Cruz 06/20/2022)

This Bill clarifies the rights of US Border detainees, modifies the immigration process, and allows for temporary citizenship of lower risk detainees to expedite the process and lower the sum of immigrants currently being detained.

Link: Read the Bill


Good Mental Health Act (emailed to CA Congresswoman Katie Porter 06/30/2022)

This Act is a change of process and treatment for those seeking mental health services. Removing Pharmaceuticals as the primary source of treatment, criminalizing methods of treatment which are otherwise inhumane, and taking into account other services which relate to mental health and its treatment.

Link: Read the Act


Utilitarianism Bill (Restores Independence)

Data Breach and Privacy Act (Limits Public Surveillance)

Fair Justice Bill (Justice System Reform)

Bring Back The American Dream

Reduce Student Loans

Increase Technological Advancement

Sensationalism and Presuasion in Media Act (Restores Factual Reporting)



Pay Off National Debt

Paying off the USA national debt both forgien and domestic would take 2 terms as president and will increase the funding of the national budget in years to come to provide for a better american future.