Feb 15, 2022


Build Back Better Bill

Full support of the BBBB by William Gailey


Jan 31, 2022

Federal Election Commission

2021 Year End Reports

Contributions, debts, and expenditures made public.

Jan 15, 2022


Money In Politics

Taking the money out of politics is a bad idea and always has been.


Dec 31, 2021


Pandemic MAndates

When times are tough the tough get going, wearing a mask can be a necessity but taking a vaccine or weekly testing is a choice.

Dec 25, 2021


Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays to all of you, wishing you a bright and fruitful new year.


Dec 15, 2021


End Homelessness

William Gailey has always been a supporter of the poor and working class.


Dec 01, 2021


Student Debt

Student debt can and should be reduced to lessen the burden on the next generation.


Nov 15, 2021



About William Gailey


Nov 13, 2021

Federal Election Commission

CanDidacy Declared

Candidacy of William Gailey for the 2024 presidential election was declared.